Worldwide financial market data provider


Worldwide financial market data provider.


Data provider is in an increasingly competitive marketplace on aging and expensive custom software and infrastructure. They need to drastically reduce cost and position themselves to deliver new features to market more quickly. Utilizing the cloud would greatly reduce infrastructure cost, but the feasibility of that option was not known.


Design a cloud environment that would cost-effectively host their custom software at the extremely high transaction throughput levels required by their business.

Additionally, Aspertias Consulting proved out the design by running several high throughput-portions of their software in the cloud. Results exceeded expectation. We audited their custom software and highlight which portions of their applications needed to change to become cloud native and easily hosted in the cloud.


Customer is now fully aware of their cloud options and what changes need to be made to their software for implementation. Aspertias Consulting's work with them is ongoing in an advisory capacity.

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